Hey everybody,

So, I am taking a little different route for this post and for the next few more. Just wanted to write about food because, well, food is awesome and it brings happiness to my mouth, my stomach, my nose, my eyes, and sometimes my ears. For this post, I will write about a food experience with friends. Maybe next week, I will write about a food experience by myself. If you would like to write about the same topic, go for it.

It is hard to really nail down just one ultimate food experience with friends. Actually it is impossible, truly it is. And friends of mine who end up reading this, do not take offense if you did not make the cut this time around.

Some of my favorite are on camping trips. Some our on the beach. Some are at restaurants, and some are in friends homes. The reason it is always such an amazing experience for me to have dinner with friends is because of all the laughter that comes along with it. One such gathering was actually only a few months back. I was visiting friends in Denver, CO and we had a friends dinner party. There was sweet potato fries, kale chips, a swedish wine called Glogg, garlic bread, a delicious spinach salad, fried chicken, a beef roast with some amazing delicious juice, and a couple other things that are escaping my mind. All though the food was absolutely divine, it was the company that I will always remember and cherish. I could have been eating the most bland salad and bread for dinner and still it would count as one of the best meals because of the people that surrounded that table. My old housemates (soon to be again) Angie, Brent, Greg M, Greg W, Art, Hilary, and Ilona. Amazing times guys and more to come. Dinner should be about community, friends, story telling, laughter, and relaxation. It does not matter what you eat, just know that your friends are there and friends will always be there. Next time you have dinner, invite some people over and share the laughter.




What animal would you be?

Sea Turtle

This story will be about your animal and if you want to either comment on a story about an animal or someone elses animal, or finish my story to an ending that you want, then do that as well. The choice is yours. ENJOY.



Woohooo. I just got offered a job as the zookeeper at the San Diego Zoo. Wow. This is a dream come true. I love animals and this will allow me to use my Zoology degree a bit more than working as a salesman at the local fish store. They say I will be working with mammals and reptiles. That is quite a broad spectrum, and am a little nervous, but what a great experience this will. But what makes me nervous is the the questions they will ask me when I first meet everyone. You know, what is your favorite color and why? Or, your favorite food, or what do you think the world will be like in 40 years? Jeez, I don’t know. But the question that gives me most trouble is if you were to be any animal, what would it be?

I feel like this question actually counts for something due to the fact that I will be working in a zoo surrounded by animals.

So the night before I head in to the office and get bombarded by questions, I sit and think about some answers to these questions. I breeze through most of them…..blue is the best color, I love BBQ anything, and I think the world is going to be crazy with spaceships flying around town. But what animal would I be and WHY? Hmmmmmm.

I guess I would have to say a sea turtle. They are absolutely amazing in the way they move, the way they reproduce, the miles they go to lay eggs, the beauty of the species, the depth of their past, and how simple and calm they seem to always be. I like their attributes. They seem to be the kind souls of the the deep blue.

So, I ask you this. What would animal would you choose to be and why? It is pretty opened and you can write your own story in any way. You could picture yourself as this animal and walk the land it walks on……..where would you go? Use your lovely imagination.

Thanks everyone for reading. Until next time.


If you jump, where do you think you will land?


What compels people to jump over things? Seriously. I have been jumping over all sorts of objects for some time now. Sometimes I hurt myself, and sometimes I go unscathed. So this will be a story about jumping.

As I look outside on this cloudy day of February, all I see is snow and bare tree limbs that have been shattered by the winter storms of the arctic Alaska weather. It is 7:00 AM. Do I really need to get out of bed? What is my purpose for today? Do I really have to go to work? Should I call in sick? I mean, the roads are pretty crappy out and not much happens during the morning shift of Skydive Alaska. To my knowledge, no one booked a trip. Occasionally, there is some nut that likes to jump out of planes at 9:00 AM to get frost bite on his face. But who am I am to say different. I have been doing this for years.

I get out of bed, slip my toes into some wool slippers, and throw on the same robe I have owned since I was 17. I must have stopped growing at that age as I am now 34. As my kettle gets hot, I decide to throw on some tunes. I usually do not listen to the radio, but why not. Let’s see what’s on. 105.6 FM. Just about the most random station anyone can find on the radio. First song playing is some reggae band. I like this as I am still pretty dazed from the early morning wake up call by my bloody awful alarm clock. Second song…….metal. Ok sweet. Absolutely opposite to what was just playing, but it got my blood moving. Ok. Now I am awake and jamming. Spirits seem to be high, the sun is coming out, and jmy order of homemade english muffins just arrived from Washington. It’s this Ma & Pa bagel and english muffin shop in Seattle Washington. So damn good. Thicker than your normal muffins. Crisp on the outside and thick and fluffy on the inside. I make 2.

8:30 AM now. I role outside and am hit by the arctic blast, and throw on my helmet, and drive my snowmobile to the office. As I arrive, I hear some sort of tune playing. Cannot make it out at first, but as I walk closer to the door, I recognize it. Why in the world is Kris Kross playing? Ha. I laugh to myself. Best of all, it is his hit “JUMP”. Well, cool, I guess. I walk in, and see a couple of my buddies/co-workers just listening to this song and drinking some coffee. They seem so happy. They are a cheerful bunch of lads, but they seem to be really happy today. I ask why of course.

Tyler says no one called in to make a jump today. I say, why is that good news. We do not get paid and it will be so slow sitting here all day. Chris jumps in before I could speak another word. Dude, boss said we could take the day off, and guess what, that winter storm passed and dumped 4 feet of powder over the ridge. Ok, now I see why they were so happy. We jump on our snowmobiles and head off. I know it is going to be an amazing day because we all clear a 5 foot gap on our first jump.



Ok everyone. Your turn. See how their day ends. Maybe they have their own parachutes on and decide to to a free fall. Maybe they have the skis or snowboards. Maybe snow giants jump from above and they fight them. Who the heck knows. Thanks alot. Have fun with it.


Keith Kralik 

Story 2

Finish the story in your own creative way.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2………..well, that’s odd. Hey Tom, what is up with the countdown timer? It just stopped at 2. Unknowingly, this little glitch in the timer would be the first of many suspicious problems that will occur in the launch of the world famous hot air balloon race over the tulip fields of Belgium. The event is it’s 100th year anniversary of the world cup of balloon racing and millions of people from all over the world have shown up to take part of this momentous celebration. People are scattered all over the country side awaiting the stylish and most impressive balloons to start roaring through the sky. And to all you folks, these are no ordinary balloons. These are aerodynamic machines that are so light and can maneuver through rush hour traffic in New York City like it was a walk in the park…….with ease. Millions are spent in research and development, and the finest pilots and crew are chosen  from hundreds of thousands or qualified candidates. Only the best can represent their country.

Security is tight and things to the unknown eye seem just fine. No one suspects anything and why should they. The event brings joy to all across the world and in our present year 2065, cheating and foul play are non existent. Society has come together and countries are united worldwide.

Tom…..let’s try the countdown again. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3……what in the world. Now it seems like we are going deeper in the hole. Ok. now this has to work. Maybe all it needed was a little tap there and a little tap here. One more time Tom. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4……..oh crap. Tom and Nicole meet and start to think of some possible scenarios of why the timer is not working properly, but unknowing to the both of them, the more attempts they try to fix it, the faster the timer will reach 10, and when that happens, only the unthinkable happens.


Okay guys and gals. Have a crack at this one. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to reading your endings.


Story 1

I am going to create a very simple story to begin this blog, as I do not know what I am really doing. Here we go.

After getting off a hard day’s work of answering customer complaint calls, a young woman named Sheida decides that she wants to take part in some karaoke at a local tavern in Felton, DE. Felton is a small town in Delaware, but the company in the town is lively and full of spirit. Sheida, the tired, but “oh so happy it is karaoke night” girl, takes liking to the swiss cheeseburger she is eating and pale ale she is drinking. But Sheida has not yet decided on what song she wants to sing. So, she just randomly picks one from a book that lists thousands of song titles. The name  of the song actually is called “Africa” by the band Toto, and she begins to belt out her song.

Ok, you can make up any scenario to finish this little story. Anything can happen to Sheida. Maybe she goes on to a cool T.V. show and becomes famous. Maybe later that night, she flies away in a hot air balloon and lands on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Who knows. Just  thought this blog could allow some really interesting writing to be done and have people tell their own creative ideas to a nonsensical story.