Story 1

I am going to create a very simple story to begin this blog, as I do not know what I am really doing. Here we go.

After getting off a hard day’s work of answering customer complaint calls, a young woman named Sheida decides that she wants to take part in some karaoke at a local tavern in Felton, DE. Felton is a small town in Delaware, but the company in the town is lively and full of spirit. Sheida, the tired, but “oh so happy it is karaoke night” girl, takes liking to the swiss cheeseburger she is eating and pale ale she is drinking. But Sheida has not yet decided on what song she wants to sing. So, she just randomly picks one from a book that lists thousands of song titles. The name  of the song actually is called “Africa” by the band Toto, and she begins to belt out her song.

Ok, you can make up any scenario to finish this little story. Anything can happen to Sheida. Maybe she goes on to a cool T.V. show and becomes famous. Maybe later that night, she flies away in a hot air balloon and lands on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Who knows. Just  thought this blog could allow some really interesting writing to be done and have people tell their own creative ideas to a nonsensical story.


8 thoughts on “Story 1

  1. annie e mouse says:

    “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you” comes confidently out of her mouth. She scans the room while she sings. Her heart saddens a little as she notices no one is as enthusiastic about the song as she is. Sheida begins to wonder if her singing is to blame. She decides this cant be the case, and blames it on the early time of night; it was still dinner time after all. “I bless the rains down in Africa” She continues. Across the bar, in a booth, Sheida notices there are 3 people singing along! “Gonna take some time to do the things we never had” she finishes. A stirring round of applause comes from the both across the room. Stepping from the bright stage lights, she can finally get a better look at the both. Though her eyes still hazy, Sheida can definitely make out two men and a woman. They beckon her to join them. She does. After hours of jovial conversation, the seems as if it will end soon.

    Kayla, Tyler, and Frank (the two men and a woman in the booth) share quite whispers. “Trains, do you like them?” Kayla asks after the muffled whispers. Sheida couldn’t think of what to say, but her mouth responded for her, “Yes.” “Great! Its settled!” Proclaims Frank. “You’re coming with us” Frank’s face begins to smile. It turns out the 3 are taking a midnight train ride to Canada, Montreal specifically. Ecstatic, Sheida doesn’t hesitate, and follows them to the train station. They board, and head off to Canada.

    The trip turns out to be fantastic. Somehow Sheida makes it over the border with no passport or spare clothing. She left in too much excitement to think of these things. They spent the day walking the streets, going to zoos, talking with turtles, and living life and being free.

    • Wow. This has seriously made my day. You are the first person to write on my first blog ever. I am totally happy for this and wanted to thank you. I enjoyed your story to the fullest, and I do have a question for you….do you yourself like trains? Thank you again. I think it is pretty cool to see what creative minds are out there as everyone has one. Again, super thanks to you.


  2. She liked that song, it reminded her of the time she spent in California 7 years ago and all of the friends she made there. The words left her mouth but her mind wandered; to the beach cities and inland deserts. The memory was ethereal, grasped in a thin, beautiful blue haze as if it were a dream. Sheida could scarcely recall a time in her life so lovely and perfect. The song ended, and she stepped off the stage still giddy in remnant fantasy of all that was and nothing that still is.

    • Hey Natalie. You are from Switzerland. Awesome. I have a very good friend who lives in Lucerne and one in Basel. I actually was there this last summer. If you are nervous about your English (grammar, spelling), do not be. I like it when some of my international friends write emails to me because it is almost as if I am solving a riddle. I am sure you have some creative thoughts and you are more than welcome to write them out. If you still do not want to write in English, then write in your native language. :). Have a think about it. And enjoy your day.


  3. Colin says:

    While Sheida is belting out a subpar rendition of “Africa” a local vagrant by the name of Charles slips a roofie into her pale ale.
    Sheida quickly gets booed off stage and sips her beer in shame.
    Meanwhile Charles strikes up a conversation and asks Sheida about her terrible job as a customer service call taker. Sheida admits that yes it’s not a glamorous job but stripping was not providing health care coverage. After a few shots of Jameson and a roofie Sheida is well on her way to a blackout.
    She remembers coming to in the middle of the night in a dark alley.
    She says “thank god I don’t remember what that vagrant might have done to me”.
    As she looks for her articles of clothing she hears “Africa” by Toto playing in a passing cab. She hails the cab and as she is about to get in she sees Charles the vagrant is the drive. He peels out and leaves her in the street. Sheida is not looking forward to another miserable day at the call center.

    • Well. As much as I am against people putting roofie’s in people’s drinks, this story can be a lesson for all (men and women). Watch your drinks people, and the people you drink with. Damn you Charles, but Charles will get his one day.

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