Hey everybody,

So, I am taking a little different route for this post and for the next few more. Just wanted to write about food because, well, food is awesome and it brings happiness to my mouth, my stomach, my nose, my eyes, and sometimes my ears. For this post, I will write about a food experience with friends. Maybe next week, I will write about a food experience by myself. If you would like to write about the same topic, go for it.

It is hard to really nail down just one ultimate food experience with friends. Actually it is impossible, truly it is. And friends of mine who end up reading this, do not take offense if you did not make the cut this time around.

Some of my favorite are on camping trips. Some our on the beach. Some are at restaurants, and some are in friends homes. The reason it is always such an amazing experience for me to have dinner with friends is because of all the laughter that comes along with it. One such gathering was actually only a few months back. I was visiting friends in Denver, CO and we had a friends dinner party. There was sweet potato fries, kale chips, a swedish wine called Glogg, garlic bread, a delicious spinach salad, fried chicken, a beef roast with some amazing delicious juice, and a couple other things that are escaping my mind. All though the food was absolutely divine, it was the company that I will always remember and cherish. I could have been eating the most bland salad and bread for dinner and still it would count as one of the best meals because of the people that surrounded that table. My old housemates (soon to be again) Angie, Brent, Greg M, Greg W, Art, Hilary, and Ilona. Amazing times guys and more to come. Dinner should be about community, friends, story telling, laughter, and relaxation. It does not matter what you eat, just know that your friends are there and friends will always be there. Next time you have dinner, invite some people over and share the laughter.




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